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Artificial Flowers Arrangement Centerpiece Faux Butterfly Phalaenopsis Orchid Real Touch in White Ceramic Vase Home Décor Mom’s Day

The Phalaenopsis Orchids in this beautiful flower arrangement gracefully arches themselves. These 24" long purple orchids are combined with orchid leaves and moss or greenery. The Ceramic Vase in white color complements the habitat of these beautiful orchids. To speak of orchids in real touch quality is to speak of artificial flowers that, when touched, seem to be holding natural flowers in their hands, turning their elegant appearance into a beautiful gift. By giving this floral ornament made of orchids you are giving love, affection, admiration and affection to that person so special to you. Each color that we offer in our offer carries an implicit and subliminal message that can cause a pleasant sensation that is very difficult to forget. Blue Color Orchids is the color of business, but also of peace and harmony. If you want to make peace with your partner, but without saying a single word, give some blue orchids. They are also as suitable presents between co-workers, or as a demonstration of appreciation between people who are going to close a business, wishing that the outcome is the best for both parties. Features: -As interior decoration. -It is a perfect gift for any event such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Social Events, Weddings, etc. -Measure:40x27x22 inches -Weight: 10 pounds -The product is made of healthy and environmental materials. -The flowers are totally glued not allowing them to fall or deteriorate during transportation. -The arrangement is almost real. -Easy to care: no daily care is needed, artificial flowers in vases of any kind are easy to care for, they maintain their greenness and freshness. -They are easy to clean with a dry cloth, sliding it gently on each petal of the orchid in order to remove accumulated dust.
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