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Centerpiece for Terrace Artificial Foam Flower Succulents Cactus adorned decorative Resin Figure Artificial Tropical Flower Floral Home Décor

If you intend to decorate your Terrace, this centerpiece is perfect for its elegance. It is made with a wide variety of cacti and Foam flowers (EVA), greenery and complemented by a beautiful decorative garden figure, showing a combination that will be ideal for decorating your home. A beautiful rectangular resin vase adds to the festival look. Features: Flower material: Real touch and trending flowers as Foam flowers (EVA) This arrangement can decorate any roofed place on your terrace or portal or front door A wide combination of flowers that brings great freshness and elegance to your home decoration It is a perfect gift for any event such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Events, etc. Features: -As outside decoration. -The product is made of healthy and environmental materials. -The flowers are totally glued not allowing them to fall or deteriorate during transportation. -The arrangement is almost real. -Easy to care: no daily care is needed, artificial flowers in vases of any kind are easy to care for, they maintain their greenness and freshness. -They are easy to clean with a dry cloth, sliding it gently on each petal of the orchid in order to remove accumulated dust. Weight 17 pounds Size: 20x20x32 inches
SKU: RD-023

We can make the artificial floral arrangement of your preference in a personalized way.

We can prepare floral arrangement in quantities for any events that is required