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Keto connection by Jacky

Productos Keto y asesoría para iniciar la dieta cetogenica correctamente

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Golden Drink (1 pack)

Golden milk with great benefits for your health! and a fantastic aid for your Keto diet since it is added with Maca and MCT oil.

The perfect Keto Coffee

Perfect Instant Keto coffee with MCT oil.

Chilito Keto

Delicious Chamoy-Style Keto Friendly sweet and sour sauce .

Gourmet Homemade Keto Jams

Let us know which flavor you'd like! Flavors Available: Strawberry Strawberry & Chia Seeds Strawberry , Blue Berries, and Rasberries

Artisan Keto Bread (18 slices)

This is a 100% Keto Bread substitute made with organic Ingredients and Gluten free

Keto Muffins (4 Pack)

Delicious Keto Muffins 100% Keto 3 carbs per portions. Packege of 4. Made with organic ingredients.

Keto Connection Magic Mugs

Magic Mugs That change when you pour you delicious hot beverage!

Homemade Chile

Delicious with everything!

Reto Keto (21 days)

Nuestros Retos Keto Comienzan cada 3 semanas. En ellos obtendrás las herramientas para comenzar la dieta cetogénica correctamente. Bajar muchas libras y ganar Salud.