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NANY JEANS Patria y Vida Canvas Shoes with Cuban Flag and Jose Marti Unisex Low Tops with Patria y Vida Flag Premium Quality White Sneakers

Our company believes the people of Cuba should be free from tyranny. We believe a future of Cuba is a future of freedom. Nany Jeans Patria y Vida canvas shoes echo this philosophy. As a family company, we careful designed these iconic shoes and sourced the most premium materials. In nowadays’ competitive market, we base our success on this business philosophy: everything or nothing. Our products are a clear reflection of who we are. In the process of designing and creating this premium white sneakers, our company took the time to analyze thousands of negative reviews from related products in order to absolutely build the best and the only version in the market. Everything has been carefully designed and our customers will enjoy the result. We even asked dozens of family members, built several prototypes, and spent months working on the final product until we had the perfect Cuban Patria y Vida canvas shoes.
Vendor: Nany Jeans
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  •    PATRIA Y VIDA UNIQUE DESIGN: Our ICONIC statement canvas shoes give life to "Patria y Vida" movement and reflects the passion of all Cubans to be free. Personalized high tops/low tops sneakers with the CUBAN flag colors, a center patch with Jose Marti and 2022 Patria y Vida slogan on one side, and a dominoes set with a 5/9 bloody hand and a 2/2 hand of hope on the other side.  
  • HIGH QUALITY AND STURDY MATERIALS: Nany Jeans sneakers are made with resistant, antislippery, arch support, breathable, light-weight EVA midsole, soft canvas cotton lining, rubber traction outsole, contrasting stitched detail, and stylish lace-up front and cushioned footbed. All these elements make them DURABLE and COMFORTABLE.
  • PERSONALIZED GIFT: Our premium white high tops can be the perfect gift for Cuban friends, family or anyone who supports FREEDOM and sovereignty. A pair of Patria y Vida canvas can be unique and meaningful to anyone who loves Cuba, understands the SOS Cuba movement, stand with the Cuban people and their clarion call for freedom.
  • SIZE REFERENCE: Our premium sock sneakers are designed for men and women. It is important to take a closer look at the SIZE CHART below before ordering your size. Finding your shoe size before you shop saves you time and helps you avoid buying a pair that doesn't fit. Wiggle your toes to make sure the shoes are not too tight, and make sure you walk a few laps around to test comfort. Returnable 15 days